Manage the Overwhelm

by Jessica Harrington, Director

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Buried, defeated, and inundated are three words to describe what it means to feel overwhelmed. Given the many requirements of masters and doctoral programs, students often express their feelings of overwhelm during the academic year. The following tips are adapted from an article on what to do when feeling overwhelmed. See what resonates with you today.

  1. Practice self-acceptance and speak with compassion toward yourself.  An example from the article, “I would prefer to be able to get more done in a day, but I’m going to accept what I’m realistically able to do.”
  2. Regain a sense of your time. How are you spending it in ways that reflect your priorities or not?
  3. Manage assumptions and expectations. The article asserts that we often create rules about what others expect of us that may or may not exist (ie I must return emails immediately, someone will be angry if I say no).
  4. If your definition of success is based in perfectionism, consider redefining it based on what’s reasonable.
  5. Find time for self to unpack mental overwhelm and reflect without pressure.

Remember to reach out to JHSAP and/or Student Life whenever support is needed!

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