The VALUE Conversation: An EQ Approach to Communicating

Caption: person having a video conversation. Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Emotional intelligence (EQ) will be required to navigate extenuating circumstances and an unusual term together. EQ refers to our ability to relate to others, even and especially, during times of stress.  EQ includes introspection to process our own emotions and then requires us to engage with others from a place of empathy.  Below is a simplified EQ  approach using VALUE as an acronym (found in this resource within our library). 

V: Validate: Honor the reality of emotions within self and others.
A: Ask questions: Investigate before making judgments and assumptions.
L: Listen: Use your whole body to listen. Hear the words, process, and then respond.
U: Understand: Consider what is not known. Ask questions to clarify. Seek first to understand, then to be understood (Stephen Covey).
E: Empathize: Find the appropriate balance of empathy to move the conversation forward. Empathy is a willingness to consider others’ point of view and experiences. 

If you need support navigating difficult conversations, don’t hesitate to reach out. Student Life is still here to support you!