Campus Events & Resources

Updated May 17, 2020

Recorded Student Life Session
If you missed last week’s event, Managing Your Dimensions of Health in Stress & Uncertainty, check out the PPT and recording! Click here for the recording link.  Access Password: J3$2R53v

4th Term Student Life Weekly Check-in and Drop-in Sessions
We know this is an unusual and potentially stressful term. Student Life is offering virtual space for students to gather and share their experiences. We will also offer tips on navigating this term while maintaining well-being. Below are three time options. Drop in for as long as you want! Our virtual door is open. Time and days may change weekly.

Tuesdays: Noon- 1:00 pm, join anytime by clicking here

Wednesdays: 5:00 pm -6:00 pm, join anytime by clicking here.

School Wide Events

‘We Are Visible’ Screening and Q&A with Filmmaker Karina Sturm
Join EDS Awareness, Students for Disability Justice, and Johns Hopkins Student Disability Services for a captioned screening of the film ‘We are Visible.’  The film gives voice to people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), which is a genetic connective tissue disorder. Although people with EDS face misconceptions and challenges related to living with an invisible disability, the film showcases the strength and resilience with which the EDS community fights to be seen. Registration is limited and open to the public, so if you think you may be interested in attending the screening, please REGISTER now. Feel free to share the event link with your friends and colleagues or join our Facebook event page. Wednesday, May 20th 2020 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm EST

Healthy Sleep Habits:  Sleep Rounds with Dr. Rachel Salas
Please join us for a sleep discussion and Q & A session with Dr. Rachel Salas, Associate Professor of Neurology and Nursing at Johns Hopkins Medicine. The session will include the topic of sleep hygiene and sleep tips to assist with the challenges associated with COVID-19. Many people are experiencing disrupted sleep due added stress, intertwined home and workspaces, and changes in lifestyles while sheltering in place. We hope that you will participate in this discussion and ask any questions you have to improve your sleep.  
Friday May 22, 10:30-11 am
Meeting details sent over email

Town Hall with the Deans

Student Assembly is happy to announce a School-wide Town Hall with the Deans to discuss updates on educational activities and research operations at JHSPH. Event details sent via email.

Ongoing School Wide Events

All times are ET.

DJ Night/Virtual Dance Party Mondays, 7:00 pm

Event details sent via email.

Online ‘At Home Workout’ Sessions by Trainers at the Cooley Center Tuesdays at 5:00 pm

Event details sent via email.

UHS Wellness Weekly Virtual Pet Therapy

UHS Wellness will host weekly virtual pet therapy sessions with Pets. You will have the opportunity to meet each pet and their owners, learn a little about them, ask questions, and see a trick or two!
 Tuesdays, 1-1:30 pm

Virtual Meditation Session

Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:10 pm to 3:20 pm.
This quick 10-minute meditation (guided by the Calm app) gives you a chance to relax, find comfort, and pause as you head into this rather unusual term. Open to new and returning members alike!  

Nia Dance Class Every Wednesday 5:30 pm

Event details sent via email.

Virtual Yoga by Trainers at the Cooley Center Thursdays at 10:00am

Event details sent via email.

Thursday Fitness Class
Thursdays, 5-5:30
 Zoom Meeting-Follow this link to the Cooley Center Page and click on the day/class you would like to join: Thursday Fitness Password: CooleyFit

School of Public Health Friday Yoga                                            
Fridays, 9-10 am
Zoom Meeting-Join Zoom Meeting:…
Free to all students and trainees

Daily Mindfulness Sessions with Dr. Neda Gould
Mindfulness meditation can be an excellent resource to manage stress and anxiety during uncertain times. Dr. Neda Gould, faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Mindfulness Program, will be leading daily meditations at 8 AM, 12 PM and 5 PM open to the entire Johns Hopkins Community. Sessions will be 30 min in length and will include a variety of mindfulness meditation practices in a virtual format. Open the following zoom link at the scheduled times to join. Meeting ID: 747 490 420


Free Online Textbooks
Redshelf is offering up to 7 free online textbooks through May 25, 2020.

SilverCloud is here! You may have received an email about SilverCloud, an online, confidential mental health resource now free and available to all full-time students and trainees. SilverCloud offers 24/7 access to interactive learning modules that teach cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. If you or someone you know is experiencing mild-to-moderate symptoms of anxiety and depression, SilverCloud can be a useful tool. To learn more about SilverCloud, watch this short introductory video. To sign up to use the platform, eligible students and trainees can visit

UHS Wellness Virtual Resources

Please visit the UHS Wellness website to view virtual wellness resources You can find websites and apps for each dimension of your health including fitness apps, healthy recipes, as well as interactive platforms for emotional and mental health. Below are a few resources that you may find helpful:

Physical Health

Mental and Emotional Health

  • Calm: A mindfulness meditation app that includes soothing sounds and peaceful pictures, along with guided meditation and sleep stories. JHU users have free premium access by signing up at with their JHU or JHMI email address.
  • Destress Monday: An online initiative providing information and reminders to support a positive start to the week and reduce stress overall.
  • Moodnotes: Mood-tracking and journaling app that help users develop healthier thinking habits.
  • SilverCloud: An online, confidential mental health resource now free and available to all full-time students and trainees. Offers 24/7 access to interactive learning modules that teach cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. To sign up to use the platform, eligible students and trainees can visit

Intellectual Health

  • Luminosity: A brain training program that uses fun games to help keep your mind sharp