Give Back Virtually by Lending a Helping Hand

by: Shekeitha L. Jeffries, Assistant Director of Student Life

Time is flying by! Can you believe that the fourth term is already coming to an end? Many of you, will be graduating this month and embarking upon – yet another journey. For the past few weeks, I’ve shared strategies on how to navigate the current crisis and manage your personal wellness – to help ensure that each of you, remain on the path of academic excellence. 

I’ve shared tips on how to remain social while social distancing and suggested virtual activities, such as connecting with loved ones, joining a virtual book club or attending a virtual dance party.  To help support your mental wellness and stay in tuned with your emotions, I shared strategies on how to journal through your journey. As a reminder, figure out which journaling a method is best for you (paper or electronic), be consistent and don’t stress! You can journal about your academic accomplishments, personal challenges, or even use free journal prompts. Lastly, I encouraged you to create a survival toolkit and fill it with resources that align with the seven dimensions of wellness. The strategies you’ve learned will help you while at Hopkins and beyond.

Since this is my last blog post for this term, I wanted to share one final strategy, on how to giveback virtually, by lending a helping hand. Research shows that, volunteering “helps connects you to others” and “brings fun and fulfillment to your life.”  Who can’t use a little fun right now?

Photo by lalesh aldarwish from Pexels.

Here’s three simple, yet effective ways that you can give back virtually and lend a helping hand:

Serve as a mentor, by positively connecting with students, who are stuck at home due to the recent crisis. You can sign up to be a HeartSmiles “Success Sessions” speaker and share your personal success story. For additional information, click here to review the sign-up form.

Make a financial contribution to a local community organization, to help support their programming efforts; no donation amount is too small.

Sew Face Masks, believe it or not, there is still a shortage of face masks for essential employees and the homeless. Mask donations are needed to help decrease the spread of COVID-19. You do not need to be an expert to sew. For DIY masks tutorials, supplies and donation drop offs, check out Jo-Ann’s Fabric Store.  

For additional information on how you can lend a hand, please check out SOURCE or the United Way, for virtual volunteer opportunities.

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