What’s in Your Survival Toolkit?

by: Shekeitha L. Jeffries, Assistant Director of Student Life

The transition from in-person activities to self-quarantine and social distancing is challenging. This unprecedented change within our nation and around the world happened so quickly, that many of us did not have time to prepare. As graduate students, many of you are still pressing forward with your studies, to make it to the finish line! I know it’s hard, but I encourage you to continue to move forward and discover beneficial ways to navigate your new normal. Find fun, yet creative ways to manage your self-care and connection to others, as doing so is very beneficial for your emotional and social wellbeing.

In a previous post, I shared tips on how to Stay Social While Distancing, which highlighted several virtual activities. In addition to social activities, identify other activities that align with the seven dimensions of wellness. I encourage you to create a survival toolkit and fill it with resources to support your overall well-being, during this time.

To help you get a jump start with ideas, here’s a few items that are in my survival kit:

Photo taken by Shekeitha L. Jeffries
  • Bible: To help maintain my spiritual well-being, I read my bible daily for guidance.
  • Gratitude jar: To help maintain my emotional and mental well-being, I write down one good thing that happens each day and place them in a jar.
  • Gratitude journal: To also help maintain my emotional and mental well-being, I journal daily and take note of different things that happen in my life.
  • Coffee: I can’t live without my coffee! LOL. To help me stay energized, I jump start my day with a fresh cup coffee sweetened with my favorite creamer.

So, what’s in your survival kit?

Need more ideas for your survival toolkit? Click here. Reminder! You are not alone in your efforts, and the JHSPH community is here to support you. Please be sure to reach out to your professors, TA’s as well as the Office of Student Life if you need additional support. 

For more information about the Coronavirus, visit the www.coronavirus.jhu.edu and www.cdc.gov.

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