Prepare for Professional Conversations

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

By Jessica Harrington, Director

In light of tomorrow’s Career Fair (and beyond), we encourage students to prepare to connect with prospective employers and career mentors. At times, there will only be an opportunity for a simple elevator pitch . At other times, there may be an invitation to expound on one’s professional identity. To prepare for these encounters, practice articulating your professional impact, contributions, knowledge, and skills. Below are some prompts to get started.

Impact is one way to express the purpose behind your work. Impact questions include:
1.What is the impact I hope to make in public health? What changes am I aiming for through my profession?
2. Who/what populations or issues do I want to impact specifically?

Contributions are a way to describe how you’d like to advance toward your intended impact.
Contribution questions include:
1. What do I hope to bring to my field?
2. Whom do I hope to partner with in making contributions toward impact?
3. What ideas do I bring to the position/opportunity?
4. What advancements would I like to foster or be part of?

Interviews are often the opportunity to express what you already know about a position, organization, or area of expertise.
1. What do I already know about ______________?
2. How do/would I demonstrate this knowledge?
3. What do I hope to learn if provided the opportunity?

Skills are the tools you bring to the table to execute knowledge within a particular opportunity.
1. What skills have you acquired from prior positions and your education?
2. How do you hope to express those skills in a position?
3. What skills do you hope to learn in a new position?

Practice and reflect regularly since opportunities often come unannounced! If you attend the fair tomorrow, we will see you there.

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