Take Control of Your Time

By Jessica Harrington, Director of Student Life

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.

Saint/Mother Teresa

During first term, students often feel overwhelmed by the amount of important items they must complete within a very limited amount of time.  Regardless of degree program, time management is a hurdle most will encounter at some point in the academic year.  Here are some tips to encourage you to take control of your time: 

  1. First recognize it’s YOUR time and you have the power to choose how you will use it!
  2. Most of us don’t have time management issue but a procrastination issue. The Procrastination Cure, by Jeffrey Combs (2011), is available through our online library system.  The author poses that there are several kinds of procrastinators. Your solution may depend on what kind (or kinds) of procrastinator you are (I identified with a few!).
  3. Click the link to download a Weekly Schedule Template to record your actual activities for one week. As the next week begins, review how you spent your time and adjust accordingly.Reflect on the following: 
    • What is my desired outcome?
    • What is my destined outcome if I don’t manage my time differently?
    • What is important to me? Does my time reflect what is most important to me?
    • Am I managing my time in a way that helps me stay healthy?

Time management doesn’t come naturally for all (most!) of us, but with effort and determination, we may actually experience a more balanced sense of well-being. Keep working at it!